Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hello Cruel World

after two years of being lazy, i've decided the time has come for me to join planet blog and throw down with those other black nerds in the land of cyberfunk. though i can't promise to tap-tap every day, i will at least try to be there for you.

first, let me give a shout-out to my main man, guitarist extraordinaire jean-paul bourelly, who i stole the word "blackadelic" from many years again, when were both starving artists striving in washington heights. do yourself a favor and check out his charged music, especially the 1999 aural attack of "blackadelic-blu," which features homies mark batson and carl bourelly.

anyone who knows me or who has read my writings (more on that later) knows my pop-cult taste is quite varied. one day i'm praising the koren masterwork "old boy" and the next night i'm bopping my head to sammy davis jr., eno or jill scott. in other words, my taste are all over the place. on "blackadelic pop" my plan is touch on subjects that are flowing through my pickled mind. be it the war on hip-hop, an old short story by chester himes or a silent film i peeped on turner classic movies, to paraphase the staple singers, "i'll take you there."


I am not Star Jones said...

Welcome to the Bloggerdome!

I am not Star Jones

Miles Marshall said...

yeah! let's battle! (ouch, ok, you win)

Mat Johnson said...

Go for it dude.

regi said...

while channel surfing i happen to catch a few glimpses of BET's college hill. there was a fight in the house between 2 girls. it ended in bloodshed. instead of stopping the fight the producers let it escalate until blood was drawn. between this and "i love new york", viacom is straight playing us. (the blacks)

so we meet again.